• Building Customer RelationshipsBuilding Customers

    Everyone knows that customers are the life blood of any business. And the best customers are the ones who come back week after week, month after month, for years. Let Sales Edge help you build those long term relationships.
  • Competing With OnlineYou vs Online

    How does a business today compete against an Amazon.com? To do this you need to offer more than just low prices. You must provide not only good prices, but great service, and product knowledge. That's where Sales Edge can help.
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In today's competitive market, retailers are searching for new ideas and better ways to build their brands and connect with customers.  That's what we do at Sales Edge.  

How do we do it?  Simple. By helping business in several keys areas, each tailored to make you more effective, drive sales, and create a positive customer experience.

For 30 years we have provided these services to retail businesses on the regional, national, and international level.

Click on the tabs below to learn exactly how each of Sales Edge's divisions can help your business. 

  • Expert's Express
  • SETS
  • General Contracting
  • Vendor Reps
  • JIT Stocking
  • Mouldings UP

It's a busy Saturday morning, a customer fights traffic to go shopping.  They have invested time, effort, and money on gas just to travel to your store.  This customer has exhibited something that is not to be taken lightly.  They have exhibited "willingness to pay".

What happens if your store associate, possibly a part-time seasonal hire, doesn't have the expertise to delight your customer?  What if the associate lacks the product knowledge to sell a high-end, custom product?  

You have broken your contract with the customer.

When that happens, that customer will shop twice as hard online before they make the "mistake" of shopping your store again.  And when they do visit your store, they will price shop every SKU because you have trained them not to do business with you - maybe ever again.

That's why you need Sales Edge and Expert's Express ™

We are your personal elite sales team.

During your peak business periods, Expert's Express™ places highly skilled workers in your locations.  Our "Navy Seals" of customer engagement will delight your customers by doing what no online retailer can do, by designing complete solutions. Whether the products are in-store, on your website, or special order, an Expert's Express™ agent makes sure the customer gets exactly what they want.

With our experts, we level the playing field against your online competitors.  So when your customer walks out on that busy Saturday morning, they'll be saying "Wow, now that was an amazing shopping experience!  I got just what I needed in the store and from their website at the same time."

That's the difference Sales Edge and Expert's Express™ will make for your business


When you are growing fast, or far from home, the last thing your real estate and construction group needs is to select 20 general contractors for 10 states. We have the capacity and the expertise to build to suit, remodel and refit multiple locations simultaneously. Our expertise combined with our financial stability produce results every time. If you can design it, we can build it. 


Look at all the different product lines that are on the shelves.  Are your associates intimately familiar with all these products? With average retail employee separation at > 40% annually, the answer is "probably not".  With this rate of change, and the changes you are making to your product assortments, how are you going to provide this training?

You could do the training in-house, but how much will all this training cost?  We lower your costs by using our embedded field people to train your employees to sell your products. As a result, we can do it cheaper.

You could have dozens of manufacturer's reps come in to train your associates.  How do you know what they are teaching and how effective is their training?  We have been educating retail associates for 20 years, and have a custom built, paperless architecture - that allows us to track progress from the newest hire to the most seasoned pro.  So we can also do it better.

Sales Edge, We help you become a better retailer.

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